Glacial Energy is Led by CEO Gary Mole

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Energy is a very important resource in the modern world. One can almost define the borders of civilization by determining where energy is readily available and where it is not. Those areas that do not have energy are considered uncivilized and those that do are considered part of the modern world.

People do not always realize how much easier energy makes their lives. Refrigerators, ceiling fans, overhead lights, and microwaves all run on energy and would not otherwise work, or would work less efficiently, without energy.

For a long time, the energy industry has been dominated by local public utility companies. These are essentially guaranteed-monopolies which either operate as government offices or actually are government offices. This provided absolutely no competition in the field of energy and left customers feeling very unsatisfied. Customers using energy had no ability to compare prices or to seek out better services.

Deregulation of the energy industry has thankfully changed this in some areas. In many markets, you can now purchase from either the local public utility, or from a variety of alternative energy providers. Glacial Energy is one of those providers who has become most popular. Glacial Energy is led by CEO Gary Mole, an energy entrepreneur who has a great deal of experience in the industry. In markets ranging from California to Texas, Michigan to D.C., Glacial Energy is happy to offer better services as an alternative.


Glacial Energy

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Glacial Energy Is One Of The More Successful

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Is Glacial Energy a scam?

Energy is incredibly important to the modern citizen. It is what powers our lights, washing machines, dishwashers, blenders, hair trimmers, ceiling fans, televisions, etc. Energy is extremely important to the functioning of the modern world.

Energy costs are extremely high, and this is not a temporary thing—they have been high for many years. This is partially due to high demand and partially due to an inefficient structure for energy at the local level. In most areas, energy is delivered by local utility companies. These local utility companies operate essentially as local monopolies, which are immune from competition within their local areas. With no outside companies being able to offer their services, local energy utilities are able to keep prices high and not improve upon their services. Luckily, the movement towards deregulation has made this less prominent. It used to be that competing against local utilities was virtually impossible, but now technology and deregulation has made it much easier.

Glacial Energy is one of the more successful alternative energy retail marketing companies in the United States. The company was formed in 2005 by Chief Executive Officer Gary Mole. Glacial Energy exists to give consumers choices over their energy consumption. In that regard, they have been extremely successful—they now offer services in Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Illinois, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maine, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, and D.C.

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